Cat for Hire!

what Cat can scratch for you and your business…

Cat Delaney performs a range of media-related services in the print, internet and visual media, such as television and film. She writes original copy for advertisements, websites, books, magazine articles, films and stage, as well as financial, business and legal documents. Her work has been performed with her by-line, and she has ghost-written under contract. Please note that Cat does not work on speculation; if you have an idea, but don’t know how to write it, Cat will be happy to write it for a fee. And we’re not talking a bag of catnip.

Cat has worked for a diverse group of clients, including commercial real estate firms, professional motorsports teams, dentists and veterinarians, magazine and newspaper publishers, public relations and marketing firms, and advertising agencies, among many others. She has doctored scripts for film and stage, and edited many books. When she has time, she teaches on-line classes in writing for stage and screen. She is available to teach in person and in seminar settings. Because she’s a ham, these sessions are always fun, as well as educational.

Cat owns a small company through which she does her writing services. Please visit for details about what Cat writes and edits, her going rates and other ramblings on the subject.


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